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Tekkashop KKM3158LC Kindergarden Furniture Metal Made Funky Elephant Ottoman Seat

RM 378.95 RM 700.00

If you are after a particularly high quality, luxurious ottoman that is fashioned from fine quality materials; you are better off choosing and ordering your ottoman direct from us where you can take advantage of our bespoke service, material sourcing and manufacturing expertise.

The purpose ottomans serve is for a place to put your feet up on when relaxing on a couch or sofa. They are alternatively used as a place to sit near a table. if they have the proper weight rating and construction designed for this. Simple ottomans are designed to be a decorative piece for any room and are generally used as a filler piece of furniture.


  • Elegant design
  • Premium quality
  • Ease of use 

Material and finishing
• Metal Frame, High-Gloss Colour

Product dimensions
• Long: 56 cm
• Width: 39 cm
• Height: 42 cm

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