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10 Best Coffee Table Designs to Incorporate into Airbnb in Malaysia 2022

Furniture is one of the essential elements of designing a conducive and worth-to-stay Airbnb. The best furniture for Airbnb is characterized by its function, comfort, durability, and design. A coffee table is often the centerpiece of the living room; therefore, choosing the one that suits your overall interior concept is very important. 

If your Airbnb needs the presence of a coffee table and you're not sure where to look, this guide will tell you everything about the best ten coffee table designs in Malaysia 2022.

1. Modern Rococo Style Pullout Drawer Coffee Table

  Tekkashop FDCT1084DGY Industrial Style Laminated Board Coffee Table with 2 Pullout Drawer in Dark Grey

Modern Rococo style highlights the gold accent in the furniture and is an excellent choice to integrate into your Airbnb living room. Adding this coffee table can lighten the living space's overall ambiance. The coffee table features a rectangular top that fits any room size well – small, medium, and large. Its frame is made of laminated board, while its leg is made of metal, which makes it very sturdy and durable. Not only beautiful, but the coffee table also comes with hidden storage to keep your belongings intact. 


Product Specification:

  • Product Function: Coffee Table with 2 Pull Out Drawers
  • Product Material: Laminated Board (Frame), Metal (Leg)
  • Product Dimension: W1100 x D600 x H400  mm
  • Product Color: Dark Grey

2. Exclusive Round Marble Top Coffee Table with Chrome Legs in Rose Gold

  Tekkashop FDCT3084RG Contemporary Style Round Marble Top Coffee Table with Chrome Legs in Rose Gold

This round marble coffee table features a clean white tabletop and rose gold legs. Adding this to your Airbnb interior will make the room appear premium and exclusive, attracting more people to check in to your rental vacation house. The table is made of high-quality material, making it sturdy and durable. 


Product Specification:

  • Product Function: Round Top Coffee Table
  • Product Material: Rose Gold (Leg), Marble (Top)
  • Product Dimension: DIA1000 x H420 mm 
  • Product Color: Rose Gold

3. Contemporary Style Marble Square Coffee Table  

Tekkashop FDCT9333WH Contemporary Style Square Coffee Table with Set of Two in White 

This set of coffee tables is a perfect addition to your home and will significantly improve your interior's ambiance. The white, square design with steel frame gives a touch of modernity to any room and helps to brighten the overall space. It has two differently-sized square coffee tables, ideal for storing drinks and items. Additionally, it is easy to clean dirt and spilled drinks with a damped cloth.


Product Specification:

  • Product feature: Two square coffee tables
  • Product material: Melamine top, Gold spray painted steel frame
  • Product dimension: 
  • W700 x D700 x H450 mm 
  • W600 x D600 x H390 mm
  • Product color: White

4. Industrial Style Rectangular Coffee Table 

Tekkashop FDCT9833BR Elegant Style Rectangular Coffee Table with Double Layer Storage in Brown 

Fond of the industrial concept of interior design? This coffee table will add a touch of elegance to your interior with its stylish coffee table with a shelf. With fine craftsmanship, it will be an instant upgrade to your living room. The tabletop is made of high-quality wood, and the table is supported by a steel frame which ensures years of usage. Distinctive open shelf brings artful organization to magazines, books, and more.


Product Specification:

  • Product feature: Double-layer coffee table
  • Product material: Wood top, Metal frame
  • Product dimension: W600 x D1200 x H440 mm
  • Product color: Brown

5. Contemporary Style Round Coffee Table with High-Quality MDF in Cocoa

  Tekkashop FDCT9166CO Contemporary Style Round Coffee Table with High Quality MDF in Cocoa

Another option for a simple and minimalist piece of furniture is this contemporary-style round coffee table. This coffee table is a perfect addition to your living room. It is constructed from a solid metal base and features a geometrical form that adds an open feeling to the room decoration. Additionally, it is lightweight and easy to move around according to your preferences. Besides, this table is easy to clean with a damp cloth and requires simple assembly. 


Product Specification:

  • Product feature: Round coffee table
  • Product material: MDF + Veneer top, Metal leg
  • Product dimension: D800 x H420 mm
  • Product color: Cocoa

6. Modern Multiple Storage Rectangular Coffee Table in Grey

  Tekkashop FDCT9466GR Contemporary Style Rectangular Coffee Table with Drawers in Grey

This coffee table is a perfect choice for your living room if you desire multi-function furniture to integrate. The tabletop is a beautiful visual feature that creates a delightful ambiance in any living space. Besides, you can keep your daily necessities inside the drawers underneath the tabletop, which makes your living room more tidy and presentable. Its simple design will seamlessly match any modern interior design concept – minimalist, Scandinavian, Muji, and industrial. 


Product Specification:

  • Product feature: Coffee table with drawers
  • Product material: Particle board
  • Product dimension: W600 x D1000 x H350 mm
  • Product color: Marble Grey

7. Minimalist Wood Coffee Table 

  Tekkashop MXCT898WH Minimalist Low Round Coffee Table with Wooden Top Veneer - White

Another eccentric and minimalist piece of furniture that you can opt in this round wood coffee table. Fusing this style of coffee table into your Airbnb interior design can be the focal attraction of the space. The table features a large round base and high-quality wooden top veneer. 


Product Specification:

  • Product function: round coffee table
  • Product material: wooden veneer top
  • Product dimension:  D 690 x H 330 mm
  • Product color: white

8. Scandinavian Nesting Wood Coffee Table 

Tekkashop FDNT916WH Scandinavian Functional Triangle Nesting Table Solid Rubber Wood Coffee Table - White 

If you have limited living room space, getting space-saving furniture with multiple functions is best. This Scandinavian nesting wood coffee table is a great option to do so. It is a functional nested table, the large one can be used as a coffee table, and the small one can be used as a side table. It is made of high-quality solid rubberwood, is durable, and can last for extended periods with proper care. 


Product Specification:

  • Product Function: triangular nesting table 
  • Product Material: solid rubber wood
  • Product Dimension: 
  • Big: W 600 x D 1200 x H 470 mm
  • Small: W 600 x D 800 x H 410 mm
  • Product Color: White

9. Rectangle Marble Coffee Table with Slim Metal Legs

  Tekkashop FDCT1245BL Minimalist Style Rectangle Coffee Table with Marble Top and Slim Metal Legs- Black

This minimalist rectangle coffee table is designed for space saving and is suitable for those who are fond of slim furniture. It is a space-saving coffee table with a non-bulky design making the room appear less crowded. The table is made of good quality marble top and metal frames. 


Product Specification:

  • Product function: coffee table
  • Product material: marble top, metal leg
  • Product dimension: L 1100 x W 550 x H 405 mm
  • Product color: white marble top with black frame

10. Retro Style Coffee Table with Open Storage 

Tekkashop FDCT1966DB Scandinavian Style Linear Oak Rectangle Coffee Table with Open Storage - Dark Brown 

A retro concept piece of furniture is all you need to make your living room appear unique. This simple and retro-style coffee table has an open storage compartment and a curvy, rectangular coffee table. Its slim design makes the table suitable to incorporate into the small living room. 


Product Specification: 

  • Product function: coffee table with open storage compartments
  • Product material: linear oak
  • Product dimension:  W 600 x D 1326 x H 402 mm
  • Product color: dark brown 

At Tekkashop, we have extensive choices of eccentric and premium furniture to incorporate into your home. From different materials and modern designs –  minimalist, Scandinavian, Muji, and industrial. If you're inspired by furniture from the above samples, visit our website to see more furniture collections. 

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