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10 Best Recliner Sofa Designs for Back Pain in Malaysia 2022

Investing in a good quality recliner sofa can guarantee you comfortable sitting for a long time. Recliner sofas are suitable for every age level – young adults, adults, and the elderly. The couch also serves various good purposes and is excellent for health.

Back pain problems are one of the significant health issues adolescents suffer; hence, sitting on the right furniture is essential. The recliner sofa helps relieve pain in the back, improve blood circulation, and assist with a better lifestyle. 

Picking a recliner sofa that suits your needs and preferences is very tricky. Therefore, we're here to help you to find the best recliner sofa designs suitable for back pain

Reasons You Should Get a Recliner Sofa

Prevention for Back Pain Problems

Research has proven that sitting in a reclined position is better for your back. Most recliner sofas are designed to provide your back with comfort – equipped with lumbar support, adjustable backrest, leg rest, and padded cushion. Hence, if you want to improve your lifestyle, get a recliner sofa for your and your beloved ones!

Long-Term Investment for Comfort

A high-quality recliner sofa can ensure comfort while providing lumbar support to your back, shoulders, and neck area. With good care, the recliner sofa can last for extended usage. 

Quality Time 

Everyone loves spending quality time with their family, friends, lovers, and pets! Therefore, the choice of furniture in your living room should be considered to ensure ultimate comfort. 

10 Best Recliner Sofa in Malaysia 2022

1. Tekkashop GDSS1760 Bulky Single Seater Recliner Sofa

  Tekkashop GDSS1760 Bulky Type XL Single Seater Leather Sofa Recliner Armchair Lounge Chair

This single-seater recliner sofa features a bulky design and is comfortable for extended periods of sitting. Sitting on the couch will let you feel the most comfortable support and rest after a long day at work—particularly suitable for those who are fond of a cozy and highly functional piece of furniture. 

The sofa features a thickly padded seat and wide armrests for ultimate comfort. It is equipped with sturdy ergonomic seating, a beautiful finish with high-quality PU leather, an adjustable reclined backrest, and a leg rest that can be outstretched to your desired position. 

Product Specification:

Color: Beige / Black / Light Brown / Red / Dark Brown | Material: PU leather | Dimension: 90cm x 85cm x 100cm

Reasons to Buy:

  Solid ergonomic
  Comfortably padded 
  Five color options

2. Tekkashop FDRS1400BR Contemporary Style Recliner Sofa in Brown

  Tekkashop FDRS1400BR Contemporary Style Fabric L Shaped Recliner Sofa in Brown

Most people would think that recliner sofas have a bulky design, but this one is an exception. This Contemporary Style Recliner Sofa has a slim design that offers a tremendously comfortable sitting experience. Its high backrest and thin armrests provide head and neck support. 

The product is finished with a high-quality steel frame and fabric materials, ensuring extended years of usage. The backrest and leg rest can be outstretched and reclined to your desired angle.  

Product Specification:

Product feature: Manual 1 Seater Recliner Sofa | Material: Fabric | Dimension: W790 x D600 x H1030 mm | Color: Brown

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  Slim design

3. Tekkashop FDRC1834BR Modern Style Recliner Chair in Brown

  Tekkashop FDRC1834BR Modern Style PU Leather Cushion Single Seater Recliner System Lounge Chair in Brown

This modern single recliner sofa features a simple design and reclined footrest. It is padded with a thick cushion to ensure ultimate comfort for long hours of sitting and perfectly fits your body curve. You can easily find the most comfortable position to read, watch and rest. The sofa is made of high-quality PU leather cushion, which makes it very comfortable and durable. Its design and color can easily match any concept of a living room.  

Product Specification:

Material: PU Leather Cushion | Dimension: W930 x D980 x H1030 mm | Color: Brown

Reasons to Buy:

  Single seater recliner system lounge chair
  Thickly padded for comfort
  High-quality PU leather 

4. Tekkashop FDSF1665BR Plush Style One Seater Recliner Sofa

  Tekkashop FDSF1665BR Plush Style Premium Grade PU Leather One Seater Recliner Sofa- Brown

Are you searching new sofa to upgrade or change your living room interior design for a better, relaxed environment in your home? This 1-seater recliner sofa can be one of your choices as its plush design comes with sturdy plastic legs. The seat cushion is made of premium high-density foam upholstered with PU material that can create ultimate comfort when used. Most importantly, it has a recline mechanism that allows you to adjust the sofa contour until you are satisfied with it. 

Product Specification:

Color: Brown | Material: High density foam in PU material with 2 1/2″ plastic legs | Dimension: W90x D76 x H104cm | Unique feature: Premium grade recline mechanism

Reasons to Buy:

  Perfectly fits your body
  Sleek and premium design

5. Tekkashop FDSF4934 Modern Style 3-Seater Recliner L-Shaped Sofa 

  Tekkashop FDSF4934 Modern Style 3 Seater Recliner System With Theatre Box L Shaped Sofa - Grey

Sitting comfortably while watching your favorite movies with your beloved ones could be one of the best feelings in this world (not to exaggerate it)! This 3-seater recliner system with theatre box L-shaped sofa is designed to provide ultimate comfort for movie times. 

The sofa is constructed with solid wood and metal frame, high-quality fabric, and high-density foam for the cushion seat. Thickly padded backrests and armrests cushion to support your back and put it at ease. The sofa has unique features like adjustable leg rest and cup holder armrest. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: 3 Seater Recliner System with theatre box L-Shape Sofa | Material: Solid Wood Frame and metal frame, Fabric, High-Density Foam | Dimension: W2450 x D1450/760 x H1000 mm

Reasons to Buy:

  Accommodate more people simultaneously
  High-quality material
  Premium look

6. Tekkashop FDRS1966GR Recliner Sofa with Micro Fabric in Grey

  Tekkashop FDRS1966GR Contemporary Style L Shaped Recliner Sofa with Micro Fabric in Grey

This recliner sofa offers comfort and stability through the micro fabric, adding luxury and maximum relaxation. With its high backrest, this adjustable sofa provides head and neck support, a combination of style and stability that will last for a long time. Its minimalist design seamlessly matches any modern interior concept – Muji, Scandinavian, and minimalist. 

Product Specification:

Product feature: Manual 1 Seater Recliner Sofa | Material: Micro Fabric | Dimension: W890 x D830 x H1000 mm | Color: Light Grey

Reasons to Buy:

  Minimalist design
  Micro Fabric material

7. Tekkashop IALC4916BR Hospital Electric Recliner Lift Chair 

  Tekkashop IALC4916BR Hospital Electric Recliner Lift Chair 1 Seater Sofa with Controller

This chair is an excellent option if your family member needs unique design furniture to assist with their daily life. This chair lift provides a stable way to help you get up after resting on the chair. It can also avoid being pulled by your assistant or family members while helping you stand. The chair lift has a remote control to put the chair down and a button to raise the back of the chair so that the hips can be raised above the knees, almost in a standing position. 

The easy-to-operate hand control has a spare battery that can lift the recliner. It has a hardwood structure with T-nuts and is equipped with headgear and arm sleeves to protect the fabric—a great option to assist for better everyday living, especially for an elderly and a disabled person. 

Product Specification:

Product feature: can recline, tilt and stand | Material: pu leather, hardwood structure, with T-nuts | Dimension: Full Dimension: D 483 x W 762 x H 635 mm | Recline Degree: ~40 Degree

Reasons to Buy:

  Electric power recliner sofa
  Aid furniture for elderly 
  Durable and sturdy material

8. Tekkashop FDSF1984 Modern Chesterfield Style Recliner Armchair 

Tekkashop FDSF1984 Contemporary Style Soft Velvet Fabric Push Back Recliner Chair 

Another eccentric option piece of furniture in our collection is this modern chesterfield recliner armchair. The sofa features with button-tufted backrest, a push-back recline function, and imported soft linen fabric. The side pocket for extra storage is suitable to place in front of the TV area, bedroom, and hall area. 

The product comprises a high-quality steel frame, wood structure, and imported linen fabric. This sofa's presence can be the focal attraction to your space and lighten up the overall ambiance. Adjustable backrest and leg rest to provide extra comfort for your usage. 

Product Specification:

Unique feature: Chesterfield style recliner sofa | Material: Steel frame and wood structure, and imported linen fabric | Dimension: W780 x D780 x H1050 mm | Color: Blue, Light Grey

Reasons to Buy:

  Modern chesterfield style
  High-quality and durable material
  Premium and sleek design

9. Tekkashop FDRC2460LGY Industrial Style 360 Degree Swivel Recliner Chair 

  Tekkashop FDRC2460LGY Industrial Style 360 Degree Swivel Home Office Recliner Chair Sofa + Stool

This recliner chair can be placed anywhere in your home – living hall, home office, and bedroom. This Industrial style 360 Degree Swivel recliner chair provides a better sitting experience. Its seat cushion is made of standard foam upholstered with premium fabric that can create ultimate comfort. Most importantly, it has a locked and tilts angle backrest adjusted recline mechanism that allows you to adjust the chair contour until you are satisfied. It also has an extra stool that can be used for leg rest after working hard.

Product Specification:

Unique feature: locked and tilt angle backrest mechanism | Material: Leather finishing fabric + normal foam | Dimension: Chair : L 73.5 x W 82.5 – 107 x H 92.5 – 104 cm, Stool : L 41.5 x W 45 x H 41 cm

Reasons to Buy:

  Unique design
  360 degree swivel + stool
  Premium quality

10. Tekkashop FDLC2417B Modern Style Recliner Lounge Chair in Blue

  Tekkashop FDLC2417B Modern Style Soft Linen Fabric Single Seater Recliner Lounge Chair in Blue

This is a modern single-seater recliner lounge chair. It features a simple design and reclined footrest. It is made of soft linen fabric, which makes it very comfortable. The product has been tested for safety and is suitable for homes, offices, and hotels.

Product Specification:

Product Function: Single seater recliner lounge chair | Material: Soft Linen Fabric | Dimension: W1000 x D970 x H970 mm | Color: Blue

Reasons to Buy:

  Soft linen fabric
  Thick padded cushion

Finding the perfect furniture that suits your needs and preferences is not easy. Therefore, I hope this article, '10 Best Ergonomic Office Tables for Better Productivity in Malaysia 2022', will give you some ideas for revamping your space. If you're looking for a place to buy home, office, and restaurant furniture, feel free to visit our website or walk into our physical store in Kota Damansara upon appointment. 

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