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10 Best Modern Bookshelves that Every Book Enthusiast Must Have in Malaysia 2022

Having a mini section at home to display all your book collections is a must-have in your dream list for book enthusiasts. Aside from that, the presence of a modern and unique bookshelf can elevate your living space by creating levels and textures. Bookshelves offer multiple purposes as a piece of furniture – to store and display your book collection and home decorations like photo frames, decorative candles, and small green plants. 

With extensive choices of bookshelves available in the market, we've listed down some of the Best Modern Bookshelves in Malaysia 2022. 

First and foremost, there are a few things to consider before deciding on which bookshelf design best suits your liking

1. Match your room size

It is essential to match the bookshelf with your room size to avoid its presence from appearing too odd and awkward. If you have a big room and a high ceiling, you may consider purchasing an extra in size bookshelf. Therefore, thoroughly measure the space in which you plan to integrate the furniture. 

2. Decide on the Palette and Style

Upon selecting the bookshelf to incorporate into your space, it is best to match the palette and style with your interior concept. A prominent Interior Designer, Kalah Talancy says that it is essential to pay close attention to the space's color palette

There are various bookshelves styles – ladder, leaning, corner, scaffold, cube, built-in, and etagere. 

3. Functionality

To prevent your room from appearing cluttered, it is best to announce the functions of every piece of furniture that you intend to incorporate into your interior. In this case, the presence of a bookcase can be used to display books and home decorations and transformed into a room divider. 

4. Material

You're highly encouraged to pick the material of the bookcase carefully. Fabric plays a vital role in ensuring the longevity of the bookcase will last and the mobility of the furniture. Some materials like solid hardwoods and metals are very durable but much heavier and cumbersome to move. 

10 Modern Bookshelf Designs in Malaysia 2022

1. Industrial Style

Tekkashop FDBC1185OA Industrial Style MDF + Laminated with Matt Black Epoxy Frame and Multiple Open Shelves Bookshelf in Oak

This minimalist, industrial bookshelf style features multiple open shelves for easy access to storage space. It is suitable to incorporate in any room, be it small or big, as the design does not take up too much space and helps to declutter the space. The product is made of high-quality, durable materials such as Laminated MDF and Matt Black Epoxy. 

Product Specification

  • Product feature: Bookshelf with Multiple Open Shelves
  • Product material: MDF + Laminated (Shelf) and Matt Black Epoxy (Frame)
  • Product dimension: L770 x D350 x H1850 mm
  • Product color: Oak

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2. Classical Style Multilayer Bookcase

Tekkashop FDBC9833OA Classical Style Multilayer Bookcase Cabinet with Laminated Board in Oak

This classic-style multilayer bookcase is an ideal option for displaying your book collections and other decorative accessories. This bookshelf is made of high-grade material like the laminated board, which provides stability and is sturdy; therefore, it is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain. 

Product Specification

  • Product feature: Multilayer bookcase cabinet
  • Product material: Laminated Board
  • Product dimension: W340 x D900 x H1960 mm
  • Product color: Oak

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3. Rustic Open Style Bookshelf

Tekkashop FDBC0600DWG Industrial Style Particle Board with Metal Frame and 4 Open Shelves Bookshelf in Dark Wenge

If you're fond of rustic-style furniture, this open-style bookshelf is the perfect option for you. The product features four open shelves for easy access to storage space. This rustic bookshelf is made of particle board and a metal frame which can assure you long-term use and durability. 

Product Specification

  • Product feature: 4 open shelves Bookshelf
  • Product material: Particle Board and Metal Frame
  • Product dimension: L830 x D400 x H1800 mm
  • Product color: Dark Wenge

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4. Modern Zig-Zag 5 Tier Divider Bookcase

Tekkashop FDBC395BR Modern Zig-Zag 5 Tier Divider Bookcase with Laminated Particle Board - Brown

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, then this modern zig-zag bookcase is the perfect option for you. The bookshelf features a zig-zag design, suitable for display purposes, and be used as an effortless room divider. The product is made of high-quality materials such as particle and laminated board. 

Product Specification

  • Product Function: 5 level divider bookcases
  • Product Material: Particle board
  • Product Dimension: W 600 x D 240 x H 1700 mm
  • Product Color: Brown

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5. Scandinavian Ladder Style Book Rack

Tekkashop FDWS1083 Scandinavian Against Wall Style 5 Tier Wall Display Rack / Kabinet with Wooden Structure

This Scandinavian style book rack is suitable to incorporate into any modern minimalist room concept. It provides 5 tier storage racking to keep your books and notes tidy. The rack is made of complete solid rubberwood, which can last for long-term usage. The ladder design helps elevate your book corner's value and makes the room appear less crowded. 

Product Specification

  • Style: Scandinavian
  • Dimension: W600 x D500 x H2080 mm
  • Colour: Natural Wood/ Cappuccino / Oak White
  • Material: Rubberwood
  • Self-assembly require tools and assembly instruction provided

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6. Contemporary Style 2 Tones Woodgrain Bookcase

 Tekkashop AMBC1508 Contemporary Style 2 Tones Woodgrain 20 Open Compartments Bookcase Display Storage Cabinet Divider Rack

This contemporary style two-tone woodgrain bookcase is suitable for integrating into a big-sized living room. The bookshelf features two tones design and can transform into a divider rack. Due to its unique design and extra storage, the bookcase can be used to display books and other home decorations. 

Product Specification

  • Product feature: 2 tones design
  • Product material: 18mm particle board
  • Product dimension: W2290 x D300 x H1900 mm

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7. Glass Door Book Cabinet

Tekkashop FDBC0750SO 3 Glass Door Book Cabinet 4 Tier Storage Quality Shelliemay Oak (32x180cm)

This classic glass book cabinet will never go out of style and always remains timeless throughout the ages. It features three glass doors, stainless steel, and 4 tier storage. The material of Shelliemay oak can last for long-term use and is durable. 

Product Specification

  • Product Function: 3 glass door book cabinet
  • Product Material: shelliemay oak
  • Product dimension: L 320 x W 1200 x H 1800 mm
  • Product Color: shelliemay oak

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8. Classic Elizabeth Style Bookshelf

Tekkashop FDBS423DB Classic White Elizabeth Style 3 Tier Particle Board Bookshelf Bookcase

This particular bookshelf gives the Victorian vibe to incorporate into your interior space. Its classic design can be the focal attention of the room and is suitable for small rooms. The bookcase features 3 tier open storage to display your book collections. The product is made of particle board which has a sturdy construction. 

Product Specification

  • Product Function: 3 Tier Bookshelf 
  • Product Material: particle board 
  • Product dimension: W800 x D300 x H1295 mm
  • Product Color: Dark brown

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9. Vintage Cube Wooden Bookshelf

Tekkashop KZBS1565BR 31inch Vintage Classic Style Wooden Bookshelf Open Storages with Pull Draws

If you're looking for a mini-size bookcase, this vintage cube wooden bookshelf is one of the perfect options. The bookshelf features open shelves and two pull drawers for extra storage. The bookshelf is suitable to incorporate into any modern and minimalist interior concept. The product is made of high-quality particle board, which can ensure long-term use and durability. 

Product Specification

  • Product Function: book/storage shelf 
  • Product Material: particle board 
  • Product dimension: L 805 x W 400 x H 950 mm
  • Double bottom drawers
  • Strong and durable
  • Open shelf

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10. Tall Leaning Wooden Bookshelf

Tekkashop KZBS2165BR Vintage and Classic Beauty Style Particle Wood Bookshelf with 2 Drawers

This tall-leaning wooden bookshelf is suitable to integrate into any room concept – modern, classic, and minimalist. The bookshelf features five open storage and two pull-out drawers to store your personal belongings like certificates, journals, or essential documents. The product is made of high-grade particle wood, which is durable and sturdy. 

Product Specification

  • Product Function: book/storage shelf 
  • Product Material: particle wood 
  • Product dimension: L 600 x W 400 x H 1705 mm
  • Double bottom drawers
  • Open shelf

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Finding the perfect bookshelf that suits your needs and preferences is not easy. Therefore, I hope this article, '10 Best Modern Bookshelves that Every Book Enthusiast Must Have in Malaysia 2022', will give you some ideas for revamping your space. If you're looking for a place to buy home and office furniture, please visit our website or walk into our physical store located in Kota Damansara upon appointment.

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