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10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Cafe to Attract Customers in Malaysia 2022

10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Cafe to Attract Customers in Malaysia 2022

Preparing great hospitality, ambiance, and food are among the plus points to attract customers coming to your restaurant. Generally, your cafe or restaurant interior should reflect your brand. There are extensive interior design concepts – industrial, modern contemporary, rustic, midcentury, Scandinavian, and luxury. 

If you're still in the midst of finding ideas and furniture to upgrade your decor and design, read through our thoughts and tips below to create an inviting interior space that will attract more customers. 

How to Attract New Customers

1. Grow your café's social media

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest are powerful tools to become your marketing platform. Each platform appeals to different target groups of people, and creating content that matches the niche is highly encouraged. 

Making yourself and your cafe presence online is one of the important ways to inform people about your brand. Research shows that the average time people spend on social media is approximately 3 hours daily. 

With the high social media usage, many started to join the bandwagon into the food review and weekend cafe-hopping trends. Hence, optimizing social media's benefits to your business is crucial. 

2. Optimize Your Website and Improve your Google rank

When you want to find something or feel like eating at a new place, the first thing that you usually do is go to Google and type 'best cafes around me.' Not going to lie that Google has become the most popular way to discover local businesses. Ensure that people can find your company by appearing in the top 3 search listings. Therefore, properly creating and updating your profile on Google My Business will ensure that searchers can find your cafe. 

3. Offer a loyalty card

Implementing a loyalty card is one of the best methods to attract and sustain your existing customers. A loyalty card benefits both parties – business owners and customers. Customers are offered extensive advantages like product discounts, coupons, and rewards. Meanwhile, for the business, a loyalty card allows you to gather data about your customers – their interests, preferences, and frequency of coming to your restaurant. 

4. Seasonal menu

Big brands like Starbucks, Mcdonald's, and Coffee Bean Leaf and Tea (CBLT) are using this method by actively promoting their seasonal menu. High seasons like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, and Christmas have a menu available only for specific times. Hence, due to the exclusivity, it encourages people to buy and try the product. 

10 Ways to Improve Your Cafe Interior 

Providing great hospitality and aesthetic ambiance is as important as preparing scrumptious food for your customers. Below, we will guide you with the 10 best pieces of furniture to spruce up your cafe interior. 

1. Eccentric Shell-Shaped Dining Armchair

  Shell-Shaped Dining Armchair with Soft Velvet Fabric and Gold Metal Chrome

This FDLC1250P modern shell-shaped dining armchair features an eccentric design, a comfortable seat, and a backrest. Its cushion is made of soft velvet fabric, and its legs are made of metal chrome, making it more sturdy and durable. 

Adding this armchair to your cafe surely can be the focal attraction of your dining interior. Its unique shell shape will blend with other furniture and modern interior concepts. The dining chair is available in four bold color options – grey, electric blue, emerald green, and soft pink. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: 1-seater lounge chair | Material: Velvet Fabric Seat, Metal Chrome Leg | Dimension: W 680 x D 600 x H 770 mm | Color: Pink

Reasons to Buy:

  Unique Shell-shaped Armchair
  Available in four fascinating color options
  Soft velvet fabric for comfort

2. New York Minimalist Bar Stool

  New York Minimalist Style Cushion Seat High Chair Bar Stool

New York's interior style is often recognized by its minimalist and simple furniture design. This FDBS1075GY New York minimalist bar stool is an excellent option to incorporate into your cafe interior. Its curved shaped seating pad and backrest are fit perfectly to your body and designed to provide comfort. The frame and legs of the chair are made of high-quality metal to ensure durability and durability. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: curved shaped seating pad and backrest | Material: fabric cushion seat with metal leg | Dimension: L 540 x W 460 x H 980 mm | Color: Grey

Reasons to Buy:

  Modern minimalist design
  Sturdy material
  Affordable price

3. Modern Classic Dining Chair

  Classic Style PU Leather and Wood Dining Chair

One of the must-have dining chairs to integrate into your cafe interior. This FDDC0434C modern classic style dining chair features a very comfy yet large backrest and seat—an excellent choice to provide great comfort and a pleasant eating experience to your customers. The seat comprises a high-quality PU leather cushion, Malaysia Oak leg, and a Bentwood backrest. Its minimalist design will seamlessly match any furniture and concept interior. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: Comfy Dining Chair | Material: Bentwood (Backrest), Malaysian Oak (Leg), PU Leather (Seat) | Dimension: W305 x D460 x H734 mm | Color: Cocoa

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  Modern classic style
  Sturdy material and design

4. Luxury Marble Dining Table

  Modern Artificial Brown Marble Dining Table

This FDDT7000BM luxury marble dining table is not your ordinary piece of furniture. The table features an artificial brown-colored marble table top and titanium gold frame. The combination of the eccentric marble pattern of the top and premium gold legs made the desk appear premium. The presence of this table in your dining space will add value to your interior and level up the overall ambiance. This product is made of stainless steel and is durable to ensure quality for all users.

Product Specification:

Product Feature: Stainless Steel | Material: Marble , Titanium | Dimension: W1800 x D910 x H770 mm | Color: Brown Marble

Reasons to Buy:

  Luxury design
  High-quality material
  Premium style

5. Contemporary Style Bar Table

  Contemporary Style Round Marble Top and Metal Frame High Bar Table in White

This FDBT2500W bar table highlights the contemporary style of your space. The table features a white marble table top and an eccentric design of metal legs. It can be used as a bar for drinking and eating in kitchens or dining areas and can seat up to 2 people. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: High Bar Table | Dimension: DIA 750 x H1200 mm | Material: Marble (Top), Metal (Frame) | Color: White

Reasons to Buy:

  Durable material
  Contemporary style

6. Artificial Green Table Centerpiece

  Artificial Potted Eucalyptus Plant

This FDPT024 is an artificial potted Eucalyptus plant, and Eucalyptus is a genus of over seven hundred species of flowering trees, shrubs, or mallees in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae. It features Imitations of natural plants used for commercial or residential decoration, cement look pot, easy to maintain, and suitable for indoor and outdoor display. This product is made of plastic made flower and cement pulp flower pots.  

Product Specification:

Product Feature: Artificial Plants Used for Commercial or Residential Decoration | Material: Plastic Made Flower and Cement Pulp Flower Pot | Dimension: W180 x D180 x H220 mm

Reasons to Buy:

  Timeless centerpiece
  Affordable price

7. Wall Decoration

Colonial Style Metal Ring Wall Clock in Black 

The presence of a simple clock in your dining space will add up more value to the interior. This FDWC225BK colonial-style metal wall features a silence clock core system, bracket clock holder, and stylish hour hand and minute hand. The product is made of metal with powder coated; hence with reasonable care can last for more extended periods of usage. The combination of a lack and bronze-colored hour and minute pops up the plain wall and creates texture. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: Stylish Hour Hand and Minute Hand Clock | Material: Metal with Powder Coated | Dimension: W500 x D500 x H100 mm | Color: Black

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  Eccentric design
  Durable material

8. Throwpillow to Add Texture

  Transitional Style Fabric Square Cushion Sofa Pillow in Light Brown

Another way to add texture and volume to your interior is by throwing pillows into the dining chair. Find throw pillows that have unique patterns and shapes. This is a square sofa pillow with a transitional style that blends well with your sofa, bed, and office chair and is also very comfortable. It is made of fabric which makes it more comfortable.

Product Specification:

Product Feature: Sofa Pillow | Material: Fabric | Color: Light Brown | Dimension: W 500 X D 500 mm

Reasons to Buy:

  Eccentric pattern

9. Unique Floor Lamp

  Modern Style Gold Chrome Standing Floor Lamp with Black Marble Base

This is a modern-style standing floor lamp. It features a quality adjustable height level, sturdy solid base, US standard plug type, and lampshade that can help illuminate and increase ambient light in a room. This is made of a solid real marble lamp base, metal lamp pole, and gold chrome color lampshade. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: Adjustable Height Lampshade | Material: Solid Real Marble Lamp Base, Metal Lamp Pole, and Gold Chrome Color Lampshade | Dimension: W380 x D340 x H1580 - 1850 mm

Reasons to Buy:

  Modern contemporary style
  High-Quality Material

10. Scandinavian Pendant Lamp

  Simple Style Living Room Matte Black Pendant Lamp

Another great addition to spruce up your cafe dining space is this FDPL1246MB matte black pendant lamp. The combination of matte black and glossy gold adds a sense of exclusivity to your restaurant's interior design. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: pendant lamp | Material: glossy brass | Dimension: L 000 x W 000 x Ø 450 mm | Color: matte black

Reasons to Buy:

  Highlights the Scandinavian style
  Premium matte black material

At Tekkashop, we have extensive choices of eccentric and premium furniture to incorporate into your restaurant or cafe interior. From different materials and modern designs –  minimalist, Scandinavian, Muji, and industrial. If you're inspired by choice of furniture from the above samples, visit our website to see more furniture collections. 

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