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Glow-Up Your Cafe Interior with These 10 Eccentric Dining Chairs and Tables in Malaysia 2022

The age of social media and the high usage of Instagram and Tiktok has changed how people perceive an excellent cafe. A good restaurant should tick these boxes: great hospitality, delicious food, cozy ambiance, and aesthetic interior design. All of these criteria can guarantee complete satisfaction and positive customer feedback.

The cafe owner needs to be able to attract customers attraction to come to your restaurant. It is essential to pick the correct color, concept, and furniture for the cafe interior. To help you with designing the look of your cafe, we have listed a comprehensive guide to the best model and types of furniture 

1. Tekkashop FDLC1250P Modern Shell-Shaped Dining Armchair in Pink

Tekkashop FDLC1250P Modern Style Soft Velvet Fabric Seat and Metal Chrome Leg 1-Seater Lounge Chair in Pink 

This unique Shell-shaped lounge armchair can be the focal attraction to your cafe dining space. The chair features an eccentric design, a comfortable seat, and a backrest. Its cushion is made of soft velvet fabric, while its legs and frame are made of metal chrome, making it more sturdy and durable. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: 1-seater lounge chair | Material: Velvet Fabric Seat, Metal Chrome Leg | Dimension: W 680 x D 600 x H 770 mm | Color: Pink

Reasons to Buy:

  Unique Shell-Shaped Armchair
  Four fascinating color options
  Provide comfort

2. Tekkashop FDLC3975BL Contemporary Style Lounge Chair in Black

  Tekkashop FDLC3975BL Contemporary Style Fabric Seat and Metal Legs 1-Seater Lounge Chair in Black

Adding this lounge armchair will give a luxury twist to your restaurant's interior design. The chair features high-density sofa foam and pillow backrest, which makes it cozy for extended periods of sitting. The combination of chequered pattern, gold chrome legs, and unique design of the chair can be the centerpiece of your dining space. Its cushion is made of high-quality fabric and metal legs, which are sturdy and durable. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: 1-seater lounge chair | Material: Fabric Seat and Metal Legs | Dimension: W 760 x D 740 x H 750 mm | Color: Black

Reasons to Buy:

  Eccentric and luxury design
  Comfy sitting
  Sturdy and durable

3. Tekkashop FDBS1200DGY Industrial Style High Chair Bar Stool in Dark Grey

  Tekkashop FDBS1200DGY Industrial Style PU Seat and Metal Legs High Chair Bar Stool in Dark Grey

Leather material is highly recognized for its durability and easy maintenance, making it suitable for commercial use. The chair is made of a high-quality PU seat, and the legs are made of matte black epoxy metal. The height of the chair is ideal for any bar furniture. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: High Bar Stool | Material: PU Seat and Metal Legs | Dimension: W 500 x D 530 x H 930 mm | Color: Dark Grey

Reasons to Buy:

  Sturdy material
  Affordable price
  Industrial style 

4. Tekkashop FDBS1834WT Bentwood Bar Stool in Walnut

  Tekkashop FDBS1834WT Modern Style Bentwood Seat Height Adjustable Bar Stool With Metal Frame with PU Upholstery in Walnut

This modern-style bar stool features a very comfortable backrest and seat. Its bentwood seat and backrest will fit perfectly to your body curve, which is capable of providing ultimate comfort. Bentwood is a carpentry technique that bends objects into curved shapes and unique patterns. Adding this piece to your cafe or bar interior can lighten the interior design. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: High Bar Stool | Material: Bentwood (Seat and Backrest) and Metal frame with PU upholstery | Dimension: W 510 x D 400 x H 1130 mm | Color: Walnut 

Reasons to Buy:

  Bentwood style 
  Sturdy material
  Affordable price

5. Tekkashop MXBC915 Exclusive High Bar Chair with Gold and Metal Leg  

Tekkashop MXBC915 Exclusive High Bar Chair Cushion Seater with Epoxy Gold and Metal Leg Support 

The combination of velvet upholstery and gold frame highlights the luxury look of the bar chair. The chair features slim metal legs and curved armrests to give your customers an excellent eating experience. It is made of velvet upholstery cushion and epoxy gold metal legs which are very sturdy to support body weight. This exclusive high bar chair will seamlessly pop up your overall cafe interior. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: bar chair | Material: cushion seater with epoxy gold metal leg support | Dimension: W 530 x D 510 x H 990 mm | Color: grey, pink, blue

Reasons to Buy:

  Luxury style
  Three pastel color options
  Affordable price

6. Tekkashop FDDT4950BR Industrial Style Solid Rubberwood Dining Table 

Tekkashop FDDT4950BR Industrial Style Rectangle Solid Rubberwood Dining Table in Brown 

This industrial-style dining table features a long and spacious rectangular table top. The table is sufficient to accommodate more than five people, making it suitable for commercial use. The table top is made of solid rubberwood and metal base, which is very sturdy and durable to withstand heavy usage—the unique detail in its design, like the X base legs, adds an eccentric element to the table. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: Rectangle dining table | Material: Solid Rubberwood and Metal Base | Dimension: W 2000 x D 1000 x H 750 mm | Color: Brown

Reasons to Buy:

  Durable for extended usage
  High-quality solid rubberwood material
  Can accommodate more people

7. Tekkashop LBDT0832BR Solid Wood Dining Table 

  Tekkashop LBDT0832BR Industrial Style Home Solid Wood Dining Table

Are you looking for a solid wood dining table to display in your restaurant dining room? This dining table is perfect for you as it comes with a length of 120 cm. It is made of a solid rubber wood table top with 2.5 cm thick and black steel legs. And comes in brown. It gives an industrial and elegant look to your home interior. It creates a perfect dining space for 4 to 5 persons and easily blends well with other furniture. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: 120 cm length of wooden dining table | Material: Solid rubber wood table top and black steel legs | Dimension: w1200 x d600 x h750 mm

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  Durable solid wood material
  Can accommodate more people

8. Tekkashop FDDT7000WM White Marble Dining Table with Titanium Gold Frame 

  Tekkashop FDDT8770WM Dining Table Made Of Titanium Gold Frame and Artificial White Marble

The modern luxury concept of the interior has become popular in recent years. Adding this white marble dining table to your dining space can add a luxurious sense and level up your cafe interior. The clean white marble and titanium gold frame legs highlight the cafe ambiance. It is made out of artificial white marble on the top and a titanium gold frame. This product is made of stainless steel and is durable to ensure all users' quality.

Product Specification:

Product Feature: Stainless Steel , Gold Frame | Material: Marble , Titanium | Dimension: W1800 x D910 x H770 mm | Color: White Marble

Reasons to Buy:

  Clean and luxurious look
  Premium design
  Can accommodate more people

9. Tekkashop FDDC0434C Classic Style Dining Chair in Cocoa

Tekkashop FDDC0434C Classic Style PU Leather Seat and Malaysian Oak Leg Dining Chair in Cocoa 

This classic style dining chair is a must-have piece of furniture to incorporate into your cafe interior. The chair features a very comfy and large backrest and seat – suitable for long hours of sitting. Its core comprises PU Leather cushion, Malaysian Oak leg, and Bentwood Backrest. High-quality material and sturdy design make it ideal for commercial use, especially for the f&b industry. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: Comfy Dining Chair | Material: Bentwood (Backrest), Malaysian Oak (Leg), PU Leather (Seat) | Dimension: W305 x D460 x H734 mm | Color: Cocoa

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  High-quality material
  Sturdy design

10. Tekkashop FDDC1200BL Modern Minimalist Curve-Shaped Dining Chair 

Tekkashop FDDC1200BL Modern Minimalist Style Curve Shaped Cushion Seat Dining Chair With Slim Metal Leg 

This modern minimalist dining chair highlights your restaurant interior's luxury and premium look. It has a bold status curved shaped cushion seat and slim metal legs. It is made of a cushioned seat and slim metal legs, sturdy and comfortable for a conducive eating experience. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: bold status curved shaped cushion seat and slim metal leg | Material: cushion seat and slim metal leg | Dimension: L 580 x W 560 x H 775 mm | Color: Black 

Reasons to Buy:

  Elegant design
  Trendy style
  Affordable price

At Tekkashop, we have extensive choices of eccentric and premium furniture to incorporate into your restaurant or cafe interior. From different materials and modern designs –  minimalist, Scandinavian, Muji, and industrial. If you're inspired by choice of furniture from the above samples, visit our website to see more furniture collections. 

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