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FDCP0160-50 Neelam Cushion - Colourful

RM 153.68 RM 213.33

FDCP0160-50 Neelam Cushion - Colourful 

The Naleem cushion is a clolourful and fun addition to your home decor. It is comfortable when used as a back support or decorative feature in your living or office areas. The cushion is made of 100% cotton. This product has been tested for safety and it is recommended for home, hotel and office.

 Product Specification

  • Colourful and fun addition, bringing out your taste
  • Product weight (Filling): 750g
  • Product weight (Overall): 965g
  • Product dimension: L 50cm x W 50cm
  • Product material (Outer and inner fabric): 100% Cotton

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