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Tekkashop GGDW-777 Framed Wall Decoration Printed Artwork of Vases 50 x 70 cm

RM 104.21 RM 250.00


  • Holiday gifts
  • Home fashion
  • Decoration
  • Art Painting
  • High-grade refined
  • Daily necessities of life


Too often in interior design, we see wall art treated as an afterthought. It’s what gets dealt with last, long after the final coat of paint has dried on the walls and all of the furniture has been artfully arranged if it gets dealt with at all. But, we’re here to argue that by relegating wall art to the sidelines, you’re missing out on an amazing design opportunity. When chosen thoughtfully, the right wall art can create a new atmosphere for the entire room. Dare we say it, but we think wall art matters most in interior design.

It creates a focal point, one of the most basic principals of interior design is that every room needs a focal point or a single design element that will instantly draw the eye into space and give the viewer a sense of what to expect. It goes without saying that a great piece of wall art could easily fulfil this position.

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