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Tekkashop FDCP0142WH MLILY Nursery Pillow With Bounce Tech Foam Memory Foam

RM 122.00 RM 202.86

Tekkashop FDCP0142WH MLILY Nursery Pillow With Bounce Tech Foam Memory Foam  

This Milly Pillow is the right choice for parent who are looking for nursery pillow with the size of L40xW26xH35 CM. This pillow have just the right size for Newborn and toddler to the age of 2 years old. This pillow comes with removeable & washable adaptive cover which able to wicks away moisture, increases evaporation and helps create a cool and dry sleep environment. The product has been tested for safety and it is suitable for home, office and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product Material: Bounce Tech Foam
  • Product dimension: L 400 x W 260 x H 35 mm
  • Product color: White 
  • Suitable Age from Newborn to 2 years old
  • Improved sleeping posture
  • Air ventilation

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