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Tekkashop FDCT1330BR Modern Adjustable / Specialty Design ORKID Coffee Table, Side Table - Brown

RM 1,140.00 RM 1,900.00

Tekkashop FDCT1330BR Modern Adjustable/ Specialty Design ORKID Coffee Table, Side Table - Brown

Seeking for new side table or coffee table? This is the ideal coffee table or side table to recommend to the customers who are looking for it. This ideal product is made with good quality of natural wooden materials. It is made with a solid and strong wooden top and bases. The specialty design of this product is in ORKID shapes as it looks special comparing from other products. It is adjustable and able to fit into bedroom as the side table. It is the durable product and the shape of this product is round shape top with 4 cross bases. The product has been tested for safety and it is suitable for home, office and hotel.

Product Specification

  • Product Function: Modern Adjustable/ Specialty design Coffee table
  • Product Material: Natural Wooden 
  • Product dimension: L 400mm x W 400mm x H 400 mm
  • Product Colour: Brown

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