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Tekkashop KK99062DNAW Wood Hall Cabinet Dining Cabinet Kitchen Cabinet + KK99658DM Designer Dressing Mirror

RM 2,094.74 RM 4,800.00

Hall cabinet is a piece of cabinet furniture usually installed in dining or hall area for storage of cutlery, cooking equipment, and often silverware and dishes for table service. Liquor such as wine, spirits, and gaming dice are often store into kitchen or dining cabinet. Outdoor accessories such as socks, gloves and spare keys are often store into hall cabinet. There are many function for cabinets available at present.

Ready Stock
Concept: 99062SET
Material: Rubber Wood
Colour: Dark Brown Veneer
Hall Cabinet KK99062DNAW: L1650 W400 H800 mm (Weight 50kg)
Dressing Mirror KK99658DM: L1060 W20 mm (Weight 11kg)

Actual colour might vary from the display picture due to lighting and many unforeseen factors.

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