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Tekkashop KKG127B Leather Lounge Chair Cafe Furniture Dining Chair (Black)

RM 699.45 RM 1,108.34


Brand new and good quality.
Comfortable and stylish
Mid-century looks, perfect for any room in your home


The design of this dining chair comes with a hole at the back of the seat, it is an important design where it allows wind to flow through. This dining chair is moulded with solid wood and chrome structure that lends elegant support and fits in any modern furniture setting. The back and seat are upholstered in an exquisite polyurethane leather, the name of the leather sounds cool but in short, its hoax leather.


Material: polyurethane leather over cushion seat and chrome legs
Dimension : 60 x 55 x 76 cm
Product Weight: 9 kg
Weight Support: Up to 100 kg

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