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Tekkashop MXST182 Simple Kid Furniture Plastic Study Set Writing Desk and Plastic Chair for Kid

RM 213.00 RM 354.76

Tekkashop MXST182 Kid Furniture Simple Plastic Study Set Desk + Chair for Kid

This study table does not have a lot of components and has a design makes it easy to carry so it is easy to move the product into many settings. The table is made from plastic and comes with a plastic chair. This product has been tested for safety and it is recommended for home, hotel and office.

Product Specification

  • Product feature: plastic study desk with a plastic chair for kid
  • Product dimension: 
    • Table: L 378 x W 505 x H 425 mm
    • Chair: L 310 x W 330 x H 573 mm
  • Product material: plastic