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10 Best Modern Rustic TV Cabinet to Level Up Your Living Room in Malaysia 2022

The choice of the correct piece of furniture for your living room is essential to tie the look of the overall interior. A TV console is often overlooked when deciding what to purchase for your space. It is necessary to pick the best one – as it has become an integral part of your living space. The presence of a TV cabinet can be the focal point and the most eye-catching item in the living area. Available in extensive designs ranging from classic to modern and minimal to luxury.

The concept of modern rustic furniture is recognized by highlighting its natural and raw materials, such as wood and metal. This post will help you find the best TV cabinet for your home by narrowing down the list. Read through these ten best modern rustic TV consoles in Malaysia in 2022. 

1. Tekkashop FDTV4640W Retro Style TV Cabinet 

  Retro rustic style TV Cabinet with Oak Veneer MDF and Solid Oak Legs in Walnut

This retro-style TV cabinet highlights the eccentric features of rustic elements – natural wood grain. Combining high-quality materials like MDF with oak veneer and solid oak makes the cabinet sturdy and durable. Its design includes a gold color table foot, grey lacquered door slider, and wood grain cabinet. 

Product Specification:

Product function: TV cabinet with drawer | Material: MDF with Oak veneer (Frame), Solid Oak (Leg) | Dimension: W2000 x D420 x H 500 mm | Color: Walnut

Reasons to Buy:

  Solid material
  Premium and luxury design
  Spacious storage space

2. Tekkashop FDTV1007WT Industrial Style TV Cabinet 

Industrial Style TV Cabinet with Laminated Board and Metal Legs in Walnut 

Another modern rustic TV cabinet to opt for in your living room is this FDTV1007WT Industrial Style TV Cabinet. The cabinet features multiple compartments to store entertainment items such as remote controls, CDs, video players, and many more. It is made of a Laminated Board frame and Matt Black Epoxy leg, so it is durable and can last for more extended periods of use. Its minimalist design and dark walnut color make this piece of furniture appear premium and exclusive. 

Product Specification:

Product function: TV cabinet with multiple compartments | Material: Laminated Board (Frame), Matt Black Epoxy (Leg) | Dimension: W1800 x D500 x H 500 mm | Color: Walnut

Reason to Buy:

  Affordable price
  Spacious storage space
  Suitable for any home concept

3. Tekkashop MXTV3049BR Elegant Contemporary Style TV Cabinet 

  Elegant Contemporary Style 7ft TV Cabinet with Multiple Compartment

The rustic furniture concept is often recognized by its natural color – wood and steel. If you're fond of an authentic modern rustic piece of furniture, this TV cabinet is the perfect option to incorporate into your living room. The cabinet is constructed of environment-friendly material – strong structure, durable, and less maintenance needed. It comes with multiple spacious compartments to cater to your storage needs. This elegant contemporary design TV cabinet is a perfect storage solution for entertainment appliances such as TV and sound systems.

Product Specification:

Product feature: Multiple compartments for extra storage purpose | Material: Environment-friendly material, particle board | Dimension: L1980 x D400 x H570mm | Color: Brown

Reasons to Buy:

  Authentic rustic style
  Spacious storage space
  Environmental-friendly material

4. Tekkashop FDTV0917DGY Industrial Style TV Cabinet in Dark Grey

Modern Rustic Industrial Style Laminated Board Frame and Metal Legs with Multi Inner Compartment TV Cabinet in Dark Grey 

This industrial-style TV cabinet is perfect for incorporating into your living space. Its premium matte laminated material combines with a hint of gold color in its legs and slide handles, leveling up the furniture. The cabinet also features multiple inner compartments to store remote controls, CDs, video players, and many more. It comprises solid rubberwood covers, matte laminated, and metal legs. 

Product Specification:

Product function: TV cabinet with multiple inner compartments | Material: Laminated Board (Frame), Metal (Legs) | Dimension: W1800 x D400 x H 445 mm | Color: Dark Grey

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  Premium matte texture
  Scratch resistant material

5. Tekkashop FDTV1007W Scandinavian Style TV Cabinet in White

  Scandinavian Style TV Cabinet with Laminated Board Frame and Legs in White

Rustic concept pieces of furniture tend to abide by their raw material feature and dark color. If you feel like a dark color piece of furniture does not match your preference and overall home concept, you can opt for this FDTV1007W Scandinavian Style TV Cabinet. The TV cabinet is constructed of high-quality laminated board frame and legs. Its design and combination of colors – white and brown make the cabinet timeless. 

Product Specification:

Product function: TV cabinet with multiple compartment | Material: Laminated Board (Frame and Leg) | Dimension: W1800 x D425 x H 400 mm | Color: White

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  Timeless design
  Spacious storage space

6. Tekkashop FDTVC3665BR Solid Acacia Wood TV Cabinet 

  Industrial Style Solid Acacia Wood Frame TV Cabinet with Two Swing Open Cabinets and Four Open Storage Shelves in Dark Brown

This long industrial-style TV cabinet is a perfect storage solution for entertainment appliances such as TV and sound systems. It has two swing-open cabinets and four open storage shelves to suit your storage need. It is made from high-quality solid acacia wood, a strong, durable structure that requires less maintenance and finished with a dark brown stain finish. The handles and legs are cast iron and finished with a brass powder coating. 

Product Specification:

Product features: Two swing open cabinets and four open storage shelves for extra storage purposes | Material: Solid acacia wood frame and cast iron handles and legs | Dimension: W 2000 x 450 x H 600 mm | Color: Dark brown frame and brass handle and legs

Reasons to Buy:

  High-quality material
  Require less maintenance
  Spacious storage space

7. Tekkashop FDCT1400 Retro Style High TV Console 

  Retro Style High Console Table TV Cabinet with Drawers and Wooden Stick Leg

This simple and modern retro-style furniture has multiple purposes – it can be used as a console table, display table, and TV cabinet. Its eccentric design highlights the 60s concept and gives the feeling of traveling back into the old time—a perfect option for those who are fond of rare and unique furniture design. The cabinet is made of high-quality solid wood, is sturdy, and can last for extended use. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: console table | Material: Solid Wood | Dimension: W1529 x D450 x H730 mm | Color: Natural

Reasons to Buy:

  Eccentric retro style
  Multiple purposes

8. Tekkashop FDTV920C Muji Style 4 ft TV Cabinet 

Scandinavian Style Tv Cabinet with Slider Drawers and MDF Veneer in Cocoa 

A TV cabinet that takes up most of the space in your living room is a big NO, as it will only make the room appear crowded and cluttered. This Muji-style TV cabinet features two pull-out drawers and a central open storage area. It is made of high-quality MDF + veneer/lacquer, while the legs are made of Malaysian oak. The combination of natural wood color and grey makes the table appear premium and timeless. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: 4ft TV cabinet | Material: MDF + veneer/Lacquer (top), Malaysian Oak (leg) | Dimension: W 1500 x D 450 x H 450 mm | Color: Cocoa color leg, Taupe Grey color top

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  Constructed of durable material
  Suitable for small-size space

9. Tekkashop FDCB1100NT Retro Style Low TV Cabinet  

  Retro Style TV Cabinet With Sliding Drawer Mechanism Malaysian Oak Frame And Legs

This simple and modern Retro style TV cabinet is durable and requires low maintenance – wipe the dirt and spill drinks using a cloth. The cabinet is constructed of high-quality Malaysian Oak, which is very sturdy and, with reasonable care, can last for extended use. Suitable for those fond of simplicity and minimalism to incorporate into the living space. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: 1.5M TV Cabinet | Material: Malaysian Oak | Dimension: D 457 x W 1524 x H 457 mm | Color: Natural

Reason to Buy:

  Constructed of high-quality material
  Minimalist design
  Affordable price

10. Tekkashop FDTV1250WT Solid Rubberwood TV Cabinet in Walnut

  Retro Style Solid Rubberwood with Multi Inner Compartment TV Cabinet in Walnut

Another retro-style TV cabinet to opt for is this FDTV1250WT which features multiple inner compartments to store your entertainment appliances. The cabinet is made of high-quality solid rubberwood, which is known for its durability and sturdy. 

Product Specification:

Product function: TV cabinet with multiple inner compartment | Material: Solid Rubberwood | Dimension: W1800 x D500 x H 550 mm | Color: Walnut

Reasons to Buy:

  Minimalist style
  High-quality solid rubberwood material
  Suitable to incorporate into any home concept

At Tekkashop, we have extensive choices of eccentric and premium furniture to incorporate into your home. From different materials and modern designs –  minimalist, Scandinavian, Muji, and industrial. If you're inspired by furniture from the above samples, visit our website to see more furniture collections. 

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