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10 Must-Have Elements to Complete Your Laundry Room in Malaysia 2022

A cramped space might limit your creativity to vary your areas in the house. A laundry room is one of the rooms that is often overlooked and sacrificed while planning for home renovation. Just like the rest of the rooms in your house, the laundry room plays a vital role in maintaining the household's cleanliness and hospitality. 

A proper and attractive laundry space can boost the energy to do daily tedious house chores – washing, drying, and folding the pile of clothes. 

If you see this article, this is a sign for you to revamp your tiny space into a dream laundry room. Here are 10 Must-Have Elements to Incorporate into your Laundry Room in Malaysia in 2022. 

1. Tekkashop FDWD740BR Industrial Style Open Concept Wardrobe

  Tekkashop FDWD740BR Industrial Style Open Concept Wardrobe with Metal Frame - Brown

This industrial-style wardrobe features open-concept storage complete with hanging rods and shelves. The product is compact, therefore, suitable to incorporate into small spaces. It comes with multiple open repositories to place your laundry necessities and keep the room tidy. The shelf is made out of high-quality metal and wood. Hence it is very sturdy to accommodate stuff and clothes. 


Product Specification:

  • Product feature: Open Concept Wardrobe
  • Product material: Metal, Wood
  • Product dimension: W405 x D950 x H1700 mm
  • Product color: Brown

2. Tekkashop FDCH0597N Modern Style Solid Rubberwood Shelf Clothes 

  Tekkashop FDCH0597N Modern Style Solid Rubberwood with 1 Shelf Clothes Hanger in Natural

This modern-style clothes hanger is the perfect option if you like to incorporate minimalism into your interior. The natural color of Rubberwood and the simple design of the shelf gives out the Muji style of the interior. Suitable to integrate into any space size, particularly small rooms. 


Product Specification:

  • Product function: Clothes Hanger
  • Product material: Solid Rubber Wood 
  • Product dimension: W 955 x D 480 x H 1730 mm
  • Product color: Natural

3. Tekkashop SFAC1201W White Rattan Laundry Basket with Lid

Tekkashop SFAC1201W (Large Size) White Painted Rattan Laundry Basket With Lid

A laundry room without a basket is like more holes than swiss cheese – it's incomplete! This white rattan laundry basket is a compulsory addition to your laundry room. The basket features a washable liner to protect delicate fabrics from snags. It is curved for a comfortable carry of arms and compact to fit in small spaces. 


Product Specification: 

  • Product size: D 480 x H500 mm
  • Product color: White
  • Product material: Rattan and cloth

4. Tekkashop LBLB45WH PEVA Portable Lightweight Hand Carry Laundry Bag

  Tekkashop LBLB45WH PEVA Portable Lightweight Hand Carry Laundry Bag in White

This is the hand-carry laundry bag you are looking for to lighten your home chores. Its foldable and lightweight feature can easily be stored anywhere in the house. This laundry bag is made from high-quality EVA plastic and has a steel rack that can hold up to 8KG of loads. This bag also has a thickened X shape metal frame to ensure stability. 


Product Specification:

  • Product feature: Eco-friendly, foldable
  • Product dimension: L415 x 415W x 640H mm
  • Product material: EVA plastic and steel

5. Tekkashop SFAC1211W Deep Storage Plastic Basket 

  Tekkashop SFAC1211W Deep Storage Rattan Pattern Plastic Laundry Basket

Deep Storage Rattan Pattern Plastic Laundry Basket features a handsome weave design that allows for ventilation. Built-in handles on both sides have been cut into the basket frame to allow for a sturdy and comfortable grip when bringing your wicker hamper from room to room. The product is made with high-quality polypropylene. The basket serves multiple purposes, saving plenty of room for everything you need to keep close by without taking up too much space.


Product Specification:

  • Product dimension: 42 x 35 x 24 cm
  • Product weight: 8 kg
  • Product color: White
  • Product material: Plastic

6. Tekkashop FDSR246BR Simple Style 4-Tier Storage Rack  

  Tekkashop FDSR246BR Simple Style 4 Tier Storage Rack with Modern Sleek Edges and Adjustable Shelf Height in Brown

This is a simple 4-tier storage rack. It has sleek edges and four storage levels, with adjustable shelf height. It has ample storage space, is easy to clean and protect, and looks neat. Its material is environmentally friendly planting bamboo material. 


Product Specification:

  • Product function: 4-tier storage rack
  • Product material: environmentally friendly planting bamboo material
  • Product dimension: W680 x D250 x H1000 mm 
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Product color: Brown

7. Tekkashop FDBC4166NA Modern Style Multilayer Bookcase Cabinet in White 

Tekkashop FDBC4166NA Modern Style Multilayer Bookcase Cabinet with White Frame in Natural 

This bookcase cabinet is an excellent addition to your interior. Deep shelves make this bookcase ideal for storing books, houseplants, photographs, and much more. Additionally, it is made with a high-quality white metal frame which provides extra stability. Besides, this cabinet required simple assembly. 


Product Specification:

  • Product feature: Multilayer bookcase cabinet
  • Product material: White Metal
  • Product dimension: W238 x D600 x H1330 mm
  • Product color: Natural 

8. Tekkashop FDCR563 4-Tier Storage Shelf Metal Frame 

  Tekkashop FDCR563 Simple Style 4 Tier Storage Shelf Display Cabinet Metal Frame Boltless Rack

If you're planning to incorporate industrial style into your laundry room interior, this simple 4-tier metal convey rack is the perfect option. It is durable, not easy to wear and easy to take care of, and ideal space-saving for display. The storage spaces are very spacious. Hence you can 


Product Specification:

  • Product function: 4-level shelving metal convey rack 
  • Product material: metal
  • Product dimension: W750 x D300 x H 1540 mm
  • Product color: black/ white

9. Tekkashop FDBN0580BK Retro Style Solid Wood Long Bench 

  Tekkashop FDBN0580BK Simple Retro Style Solid Wood Modern Neat Long Bench in Black

This simple and modern bench suits people who like simple and contemporary designs. The appearance is neat and generous, easy to clean, and the design is in line with the favorite of modern young people. It is durable, not easy to wear, and easy to take care of. It is Retro Style Bench. It is made of solid wood. 


Product Specification:

  • Product function: bench
  • Product material: Solid wood
  • Product dimension: L 350 x W 1100 x H 455 mm
  • Product color: Black

10. Tekkashop FDST0308NA Solid Wood Space Saver Step Stool 

  Tekkashop FDST0308NA Simple Modern Solid Wood Space Saver Step Stool Malaysian Oak

This solid wood space-saver step stool is one of the compulsory addition to your kitchen and laundry room. The product serves multiple purposes to assist with your daily house chores. The chair is made of Malaysian oak, is durable, and can withstand prolonged use. 


Product Specification:

  • Product function: solid wood space-saver step stool
  • Product material: Malaysian oak
  • Product dimension: L 375 x W 365 x H 510 mm
  • Product color: Natural

At Tekkashop, we have extensive choices of eccentric and premium furniture to incorporate into your home. From different materials and modern designs –  minimalist, Scandinavian, Muji, and industrial. If you're inspired by furniture from the above samples, visit our website to see more furniture collections. 

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