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21 Cool Ways to Refresh Your Home Office Ideas On A Budget

Embarking to the new year of 2021 means all fresh start to the new chapter of your life and goals. For the past year of 2020, we saw an incredible shift in the day-to-day operations of the world due to the pandemic crisis. Business going down, daily commutes ended, quarantine orders and hygiene precautions. 

It has affected many industries forcing many of us to work from home. It’s no wonder that how we’re thinking about renovation projects has likely changed from previous years. So we reached out to those in the world of decorating, landscape design, and home improvement for the scoop on what are the cool ways to refresh your home office ideas on a budget.

Behind the sofa


Premium Executive Design Office/Gaming Chair - Silver 

Premium Racing Style Adjustable Ergonomic Gaming Chair - Gold 

don't use a console, put a real desk and use it for working any time you want, here the nook is perfectly integrated into the space

a whole home office space with a large desk behind the sofa takes a part of the room and becomes a self-sufficient space

A white desk doesn't attract much attention behind the sofa and is enough for a home office

a colourful contemporary space with a small narrow desk behind the couch and a matching chair

a contemporary space with a console-looking desk behind the sofa, which is enough even for two

a cozy contemporary and natural living room with a vintage wooden desk behind the sofa that makes a statement

a narrow wooden desk placed behind the sofa and a chair plus a lamp that match the organic decor

a comfy narrow mid-century modern desk plus an acrylic chair is ideal for a modern living room

a small yet comfy contemporary home office nook with floating shelves and a desk in the corner of the room


Some of us we work from home all day long while others only several hours in the evening. Comfortable working space is a must have to get things done as effectively as possible. Although not many homes can have a separate room to make it a home office. That’s why it’s a good idea to come up with some creative solution to organize a compact home office in a living room, a dining room, a kitchen or even in a closet. 


Retro Study Table with Florence Chair 

Modern Simple Office Study Table Computer Desk 

Let the natural light fill your room. That'd definitely elevate your mood.

Pegboards are perfect organizers for small home offices.

An ox-eye window can become a focal point of a tight alcove home office.

 practical layout for a very small home office that features lots of storage

A corner deck and corner shelves might help to create a home office in a super awkward corner.

Play with pattern textures will help to boost your mood 

Dining room that serves as a working area.

Giving a landing area a new purpose could be a a smart decision.

Even in a hallway you could organize a cozy working area with lots of storage

A hilarious wallpaper could make even a small office cool.

Make use of your small area and add a curtain so you can cover it when your done with your work.

Why not under the stairs, some room to make use to will be great for space saving.


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