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Top Home Interior Décor Trends for 2022 in Malaysia

Top Home Interior Décor Trends for 2022 in Malaysia

These past couple of years has turned home to be a safe space to avoid the outbreak of pandemic Covid-19. Apart from being a shelter, it turns home into an office, school, playground, and re-creating your frequent visit favourite cafes. Therefore, it sparks many people's interest in decorating their homes and creating functional spaces that emphasize comfort and calmness. Read through this article as we will be sharing some of the home interior decoration trends in 2022, including furniture, colours, and home accessories. 

Bring in the Nature

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For these past 18 months, many have started joining the bandwagon in planting indoor green plants. This kind of hobby is capable of providing serendipity and calmness to maintain the sanity of the people. Apart from that, the indoor plants can be used as home decorations to enhance the overall interior. Place the plants in a rack or simply scatter the pots around the corner. 

Here is the best greenery for interior decoration:

  • Golden Pothos: One of the best choices for a new starter as it requires little attention and benefits to purify the surrounding air. 
  • Rubber Plant: Large in size, easy to care for, and its large leaves help in absorbing harmful air components.
  • Peace Lily: Its beautiful flowers can enhance the overall surrounding of your interior also it is believed to be one of the best natural air purifiers. Suitable for apartment plants as it requires low direct sunlight.

However, if you find indoor plants too cumbersome to manage, you can opt for artificial green plants to imitate the real ones. Be creative by putting the artificial plant into an aesthetic basket or vase. 

Multipurpose Rooms & Furniture

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A multipurpose room is one of the methods to maximize the function of a room. It is common to see that the living room becomes a space for virtual meetings, kids’ play area, and the kitchen becomes a space for children doing school tasks and attending online classes. In response, improvise the room that can cater for adaptability. Complement and maximize the function of the room with multipurpose furnituredisplay cabinet, coffee table, sofa bed, and TV cabinet

Ideas in combining the rooms:

  • Living Area plus Open Kitchen: Living area and open kitchen is a great combination, especially for those living in a limited house size like an apartment. This open and combined concept gives an immense sense to the overall interior. 
  • Study Room plus Mini Library: Having a mini library in a study room is undoubtedly capable of attracting the children to spend a longer time in the room and finish their school works. Set the concept and decorate the room according to your kids’ preferences and needs. 

Re-creating your Favorite Lepak Place

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This pandemic Covid-19 has hindered and restricted us from visiting our usual lepak place – cafes, bars, and restaurants. Imitating the interior of your favourite eateries to tune out the missing feeling of relaxing while drinking your favourite coffee or drinks. The smell of aromatic coffee, soothing jazz music, and calm ambience is the focal point in imitating coffee bars. Apart from that, the choice of furniture and decoration also plays a vital role in realizing this dream. 

Below is among the ideas to imitate the ambience and bring in the soothing vibes of a café to your dining area: 

  • Mixing dining chairs: Mixing types and styles of dining chairs has become a trend to imitate the furniture style of a coffee shop or café. Combine two to three dining chairs to prevent the room from looking scattered and too disproportionate. 
  • Natural and rustic colours: Natural and rustic colours are popular interior combinations that we commonly see in any famous and local coffee place like Starbucks. The rustic interior showcases the roughness and natural colour of the furniture material like metal and wood. Do not hesitate to get creative and discover rustic theme furniture that suits your preferences. 
  • Minimal and classy decorations: A coffee shop is incomplete without additional decorations like picture frames, unique lamps, and mirrors. Adding minimal and elegant embellishments can lighten up the room's overall ambience.
  • Mini coffee bar: Adding a mini coffee bar completes the overall function of the space. 

Implementing home interior décor trends such as adding green plants, multipurpose furniture, and imitating your favourite coffee shop into your lovely home capable of increasing value to your space. Hopefully, this article gives some ideas for improvising your rooms. If you are looking for the best place to consult regarding home furniture and office furniture, feel free to contact us or visit our physical store located in Kota Damansara upon appointment. 

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