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Best Home Office Design Ideas within your Budget in Malaysia 2022

Looking for ideas to revamp your home working space? Read through this article and jot down these important points to get ideas for improvising your home office. 

Pandemic changes our lifestyle from altering our daily routine, awareness on self-hygiene to implementing work from home basis. A home office is a dedicated workspace for professionals be it freelancers, office workers, or self-employed business owners. It is important to balance the functionality of the furniture and the interior design of the space to ensure productivity. Among the compulsory furniture that needs to be in your home office are a desk, chair, lighting, shelving, and organizational tools. 

1. Minimalist Small Home Office

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The minimalist concept of the interior is a go-to style that highlights the clean lines, simplicity, and functionality of every element. This concept suits well for the small and limited size of working space. Pick natural colours for the room and decorations to avoid the space from looking cluttered and messy. Choose essential furniture and appliances: table, chair, laptop, printer and shelves. It is important to avoid eye-catching decorations to keep the room simple and clean. 

2. Embrace the Natural Light

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Placing your working space – table and desk near to windows to get maximum natural light. It is believed that a sufficient amount of daily natural light can improve the health and productivity of a person. Among the benefits are it boosts vitamin D which benefits our health and improves the quality of sleep. Aside from that, doing work beside windows can improve your creativity as psychologically you won’t feel secluded and trapped into four walls for a longer period of time. 

3. A Bit of Bold and Vibrant Colour Decorations

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Adding a bit of bold and vibrant colour – gold, hot pink, red, or orange decorations can never go wrong. In fact, it helps in making the room looks less boring and more attractive. However, if you are not the type of person that like vibrant colour, may alternate it with some pastel colours or minimal vibrant colour decorations. 

4. Multi-functions Furniture

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Having multifunctional furniture for your home office space is pretty convenient and capable to save space. Putting too much and unnecessary furniture may be space-consuming especially for small houses like apartments and condominiums. Therefore, it is highly encouraged to pick furniture like a desk that comes with storage and drawers. It also helps in keeping the room clean and tidy.

5. Feminine Concept of Home Office

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A combination of white, pink, purple, and soft grey is a synonym to create the feminine concept of a home office. This type of interior concept also is suitable for dual gender and various age ranges. The combination of basic white furniture with pastel pink and brown decorations enhances the overall ambience of the room. 

6. Rustic and Masculine Concept

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Rustic and masculine styles share similar characteristics – showcases the roughed, aged, natural, and rugged of the furniture. Traditionally, the rustic concept intends to imitate the idea of highlighting the raw details of past people making furniture. Therefore, this particular concept emphasizes the masculinity concept. 

7. Work-Life Balance

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Making space for a home office inside your bedroom can never go wrong. If you are used to working in a large working space, it might take some time to transition into a small space. Therefore, in order to ensure continuous productivity throughout the whole day, you need to be able to separate the function of those two areas. Design the bed area and working space that indicates the different functions. 

8. Artistic Office Design

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If your work revolves around the creative and visual industry that requires getting as many inspirations, it is important to ensure that your working space helps to envision concepts and get creative. Therefore, allow one wall or area to be used for vision board where you can paste any artistic work-related. 

9. Green Indoor Plants

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During this pandemic, many have started to join the bandwagon in planting indoor green plants as part of their hobby. This particular activity is not only therapeutic and beneficial to maintain a person’s mental health, but also enhances the natural beauty of your home interior. Based on research, it is proven that indoor plants are capable to reduce stress levels, sharpening attention, and increasing productivity. For a starter, you may want to consider indoor plants that require less maintenance and are easy to handle.

10. Textures for Some Spice

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Adding texture to your working space can enhance the overall interior. Does not necessarily have textures with a heavy pattern. You may put a rug with a minimal pattern, rattan decorations or stand lamp to enhance the overall ambience of the home office. 

So, I hope this article ‘Best Home Office Design Ideas within your Budget in Malaysia 2022’ can generate some ideas for you in creating your dream home office. If you are looking for the best place to consult regarding home furniture and office furniture, feel free to contact us or visit our physical store located in Kota Damansara upon appointment. 

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