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Top 6 Inspired Interior Designs 2021

Since 2020 until now it has been a wild journey for us to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. In each country, we are fighting this pandemic with variant ways. 

Now we are facing a lockdown as a measure to control the spread. But now it is not  the time to complaint or made unnecessary fights

Think of the bright side! We get to spend more quality time with family and also ourselves (self-care). With our mind, body, soul and home décor! Yes that's right! 

This is the time to spice up (be creative) your dream home with these helpful tips for a trending home inspired interior designs that can uplift your mood working from home :)

1.Your Favorite Artisan Inspired Looks


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Art is fun! Use your wall as a canvas and play around with colors, shapes and spaces to make your home into an amazing art gallery. Mix and match with travel gifts and natural decor.

Even with a simple picture frames assembled with different sizes together will make your wall feels higher. In addition to that, each picture will tell a story too.


Wall Decor Art 5 in 1 Poster

Hallway 13 Photo Wall Frame


3D Oil painting

Oil Painting Modern Paint Home Decor

2. Mid Century Fun

art 2.JPG

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We cant get enough with mid-century designs as it combines with sophisticated space with a polish appeal.

Look for funky patterns, polished wood material or tones, bold frames, retro colors and touchable textures. 

art 222.JPG


art 22.JPG

Single Seater Lounge 

Chair With Foot Stool

Zebra Pattern 

Carpet Living Room

Soft Fabric Sofa

With Rubberwood Legs

3. A Touch of Metal

art 3.JPG

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Stand out with an elegant touch of metal furniture into your decor. Combine metalwork pieces together and make your space more glamorous. 

Simple colors such as brass, gold, silver and rose gold metal is great to add visual of a modern and mid-century.


Mirror Metal Tray

Marble with Titanium Gold Frame 

Side Table

cdscd cs.JPGvdvsz.JPG

Hotel Rectangle Marble Top Console Table 

White Leather Golden C Legs 

Ottoman Bench

4.Multi-Function Space

art 4.JPG

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These smart and clever pieces of compartments will help to make the most our of your space area.

Try to get a furniture with a hidden storage, charging ports, adaptable pieces with smart designing.


Veneer Coffee Table

Knitted Fabric Multipurpose Foldable

 Relaxing Sofa Bed

5.Industrial Men Inspired

art 5.JPG

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Nothing beats a classic man’s cave for the single bachelors out there. This design holds the independent mature character to its owner. Not to mention, easy to maintain too!

Using the combination of texture and subtle patterns will bring a bold fresh breath to your space.

Try to play with industrial designs, metal, leather upholstery, rugs, dark wood, denim and soft orange light.


Button Tufted Fabric 3-Seater Sofa 

Industrial Wooden Metal Rack


Loft metal wall lamp glass LED bulb

Ottoman Leather Sofa Bench

6. Blend With Natural Palette

art 6.JPG

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A chic natural living room with the aid of soft natural earth palette color will never go wrong.

It will give you the ultimate peace.

Textures such as fabric, rattan, rustic woods and small plants is simple enough to uplift the look.

You do not have to throw away all of your furniture, recycle them and use it for needed purpose (Eco-friendly)


Customized Seagrass Handmade Rattan Rug

Cooper Light Oak Wood Finishing

 2 Seater Sofa


Tall Circular Wooden Coffee Table

 Minimalist Pillow Cushion 


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