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Top 5 Mattress brands in Malaysia Under RM 500

Sleep is an important part in our daily life. A place where we recharge our energy and to develop new cells to heal. It has been scientifically proven for thousands of years with 8 hours of sleep will allow a human body to function to its highest potential.

Lack of sleep will cause a permanent damage within the internal organ in a long run. Same goes with the comfort of our sleeping area and our posture. Without a proper mattress to lay down, it will cause physical pain and very bad to our spinal.


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Below are the top 7 Mattresses with Under RM500 you can look into.

1. Sonno Mattress

Sonno mattress.jpg

From RM 149.83 / 6 monthinstalments

Sonno Lite Single Size 2-Layer Memory Foam Support Foam 7 inches (18cm) Mattress

1m.JPGWe all know Sonno mattress has been around quite active with their advertisement.  Now you can afford a good

With the 7” of premium layers engineered for your best rest at the most affordable price.

Redefining deep sleep with our 2-layer memory foam mattress, the Sonno Lite gives you superior support and five-star comfort. Terms and Conditions:

2. Owls Mattress Aurora

Aurora mattress.jpg

From RM 499 

OWLS Mattress Aurora Bonnel Spring Mattress (11 Inch Thickness)

With the firmness of 6.0 out 10.0 (Slightly Soft) and 8.0 out of 10.0 comfortness sounds like a great deal to start for your first purchase. Our level of comfortness will change over time so it is not a bad idea to give it a try!

  • 11 inch mattress thickness
  • Knitted Fabric
  • Pillow Top Design
  • BonnelSpring System

3. COCO Mattress

From RM 499 


Made from 100% Coconut Fibre for extra comfort. It is known for its firmness of 4.5 out of 10.0. The coconut fibre Is produce by punching method that ensures the fibre hardness and also provides perfect ventilation for a better comfy sleeps.

The husk of the coconut is precisely choose and were process into fibres. Each of the fibre coir were then coated with a thin layer of natural latex to provide a long lasting hygienic and protected surface.

4. Dr. Alstone Mattress

From RM 498 

Dr.Alstone Zenpro Chiropractic Spring Mattress Tilam 8inch Charcoal Fabric

With over 40 years of experience in the bedding industry and an established brand presence within Malaysia since 2005, Dr.Alstone® takes pride in designing and producing mattresses that incorporates the latest technology and a variety of carefully selected materials that ensures their valued clients get only the best fit for their sleeping requirement.

  • Imported Knitted Fabric
  • Chiropractic Spring ( 6 sides Titanium Alloy spring system for back support )
  • Synthetic Latex
  • Charcoal Fabric ( Odour / skin irritations resistance )
  • 360 degrees ventilation
  • Minimal sleep disturbance

5. Tekkashop LBMT0655 Home Bedroom Single Size Spring Mattress 8 Inch


RM 480 

Tekkashop LBMT0655 Single Size Spring Mattress

Finding for a soft and comfort mattress to place it at your bedroom ? This mattress is perfect for you as it gives a simple and elegant look to your interior. It is made of pocketed spring system which support every area of your body. And is high density foam which capable of providing comfort with strong and durable foam. This product has been tested for safety and it is recommended for home. This mattress is come vacuum packed into a neat, compact parcel which makes for easy transportation.

  • Feature: Single size mattress with 8 Inch Thick
  • Product Material: Pocketed spring system and high quality of knitted fabric
  • Anti dustmites, antibacteria and fungus


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Owls Aurora


Dr. Alstone



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