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2021 Décor Trends for Your Home You Don’t Want to Miss

2021 Décor Trends for Your Home You Don’t Want to Miss

Staying at home can be boring! It will eat us up if the environment causes us to be unhappy.

As time goes by and all through the hardships we faced during our trying times with the pandemic. It allows us to be more creative, and by means, creative is to keep up with the current trends that are always evolving. Will it be modern or classic, it will all comes to our comfort and preferences.

Here are some trends that could help you to change your scenery for a bit.

Do not Play Safe

Strike those bright and neon colours into your space. Be bold and brave to use colours such as yellow, orange, neon blue, green or red with your furniture and walls to add contra and texture.

Bright colours will help to boost your mood to work more productively even when you are at home. There is no judgement when it comes it. It is called art !!

Place it near the window where the natural sun can come in will surely brighten up your day. 

Yellow is a happy colour. Why not collaborate it with nature’s sunlight as well!

Play with blue around you. As blue has proven to be a cool tone that will set your mood from stress to relax. Make it simple but cool!


It's official! Earth tones, including beige, brown, burnt umber, and terracotta, will continue their popularity streak in 2021

When it comes to Japanese, everything has its purpose. Even for furniture, they value the workmanship and tend to preserve it as long as they can. Not to forget about their culture too.

With the combination of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism is a new trend that we can look into. Nowadays, Gen Z is more likely to go for simple and functional. Japandi style collaborates with neutral colour palettes and all those simple sleek lines that will blow your mind 😊

All that minimalist at its own place

The vibe of peace at its own best. It is what Japandi is.


Scandinavian Style Particle Board Study Desk / Home Office Desk

Elegant Scandinavian Chair

Add up the Greens

With all the hustle and bustle of work. Take a moment to appreciate nature, even better bring them inside your home! Decorate some plants or flowers in any available space. 

It is proven that by having plants inside your home, it will help to give better air circulation and improve your breathing. Scientifically, plants produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide.

Plants do not only make your living space much nicer but they also help you to improve your health as well.

1551638216-screen-shot-2019-03-03-at-1-36-08-pm-1551638188.png1551637106-screen-shot-2019-03-03-at-1-16-56-pm-1551637036.png1597250683-il_794xN.2319121419_iv2y (1)
Bird's Nest Ferns:
Ferns have been shown to filter formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, so it's not a bad idea to put one in your bathroom. After all, that's where you're likely to use household toxins, like harsh cleaners, hairspray, and nail polish remover that often contain these chemicals.
This plant is super easy to grow, adds Marino, and propagates (translation: breeds more pothos) in water
Monstera deliciosa:
were shown to be one of the most effective at reducing air pollutants, like benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde, according to a NASA study.  
Snake plants:
filter out nasty chemicals, like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene, so you can breathe easy having this in your home.


Tekkashop FDAC0031BE Scandinavian Style Fern Frond Print Premium Line Fabric Cushion Pillow

Tekkashop FDAC0031BE Scandinavian Style Tropical Plant Print Linen Fabric Cover Cushion Pillow

Friluftsliv (the New Hygge)

Nothing beats the ‘open-air concept’ of designing. We all need space and we love to go out and explore.

But due to the current situation, it seems a little impossible to stay outside right?

friluftsliv (pronounced “free-loofts-liv”), which translates roughly to “open-air living” and is deeply engrained from the Norway’s heritage.

2021 is seeing lots of homeowners to make use of the space outdoors for more cosy moments.

Here are some ideas you can look into below:

Take a swing in your own swing nest with a cup of hot chocolate or herbal for your sweet escape.

Make a small garden and a place to have your coffee while working too!

Although we are living in the 21st century where everything is high tech provided with outstanding software just within our reach. We still need that comfort.

Grandmillenial Style

A little something to reminds us of where we came from.

By using the inspirations of Grandma's home is the best (cue the velvet sofa, needlepoint, and floral curtains!), millennials are decorating with a nostalgic sense of style. Vintage touches and old-school patterns mixed with bold, modern colours is the key for making your space to turn into an art gallery (I mean why not keeping some of the treasures around)

Beautifully decorated office space with a vintage touch. Simply elegant!

For him (perhaps) very strong gentleman vibe combined with an old fashioned background that maintains the male dominance of the workspace.


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