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Embracing Minimalism In Your Home 2020

Embracing Minimalism In Your Home 2020

Minimalism as we knew it is known for its design movement as it has revolved around us ever since. Down to the little packaging that we receive to our clothing every day. By adding a simple item into an empty space can give out a big difference to the space.

Over time the things that we own in the house can tend to be overwhelming. As we have interest and adorations to certain collections or designs that we would eventually encounter outside, but little that we know that things that we can’t be part away are slowly piling up and soon took over the extra spaces in the house.

With the current feeds online such as Instagram or Pinterest are piling up with clean-lined and bare walled minimalist interior designed post as more people choose to live a life of simplicity. Staying at home helps you be creative and make use of the space that you invest in and saying good-bye to the clutter and meaningless stuff.

Believe it or not, starting from small is a big step into embracing minimalism in your beautiful home. Here are some tips and tricks into the world of minimalism so you won't risk making your home dull and uninviting.


Every single one of us has our own unique taste in design and how we picture our home. But the foundation of less is more is to make use of the spaces around infuses with functionality.

As we are living in an urban and fast pace world that requires efficiency, minimalism still kept the calm and the zen of the elements of the spaces in it.


To achieve minimalism, you need to be willing to put more thought into the arrangement of your interiors and be always willing to remove pieces you do not need until it feels right. It can be a very therapeutic thing to do for the house, helps you to be more active and really analyze the things that you have been keeping which will give you satisfaction and fulfilment.

Think about the function and your reason for each of the item your placing and you are almost there. Imagine coming home looking around and seeing a home free of clutter! Its calming, liberating, it is just nice. And you will have a great time whenever a guest comes over.

FDSF4485GR High Density Foam 2-Seater Scandinavian Style Sofa with Oat Leg

Tips : Playing with soft colors help to achieve the calming and relaxing feel to the space


When you are presenting something to the audience you will definitely want to give the best impression to the people viewing your work. Same goes for your home, it is a stage and you will want to provide comfort to your guest and to yourself.

First thing first is to make clear surfaces, it will immediately give you that peace of mind and to worry of any unfinished business going around at the kitchen or living room.

Spot on clean, clear and shiny surfaces is the key to minimalism. Saves you time to clean and more reason to show off your personal decorative fine art elements into your room.


It is always advisable to invest in good and high-quality furniture into your home. It will help you to save and enjoy it for a longer duration. Something with a simple design is enough to give you that minimalism look to your space. 

Clear benchtops, furniture with smooth clean lines combined with simple bare walls are essential to a minimalist home. Allowing objects and furniture to breath and keep things neat and tidy.

FDSF3665BR L-Shaped Fabric Sofa Living Room


A good choice of materials and fabrics helps to avoid any cold or bland feeling but it will give you a warmer and enrich the environment into the space.

Make it personal to your heart but not too much, as minimalism home requires fewer objects and more into a subdued solid colour. Simple by adding artwork in the middle of the living room and you will be surprised!

One more thing is to be inspired, take some references to is close to your personality whether it is plain, fabric, design or even it is coming from an art piece or your previous vacation. Use those elements and project it to your home.


Changing your interior also requires a smart plan that will help you to move efficiently and yet still gives you the freedom to be in your comfort zone. Use the important tools that you will use every day and place it at its own storage, that is what minimalist home is.

With every in its place it will also help to improve your health too! Fewer things to clean, tidy and free from clutter. Providing clean space and clean air is a good investment and a lifestyle.


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