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Best Office Interior Design Concepts & Ideas in Malaysia 2022

A productive and conducive workspace helps in boosting creativity and focus on work. Most employees spend long periods in the office. It is essential to never take the power of a well-designed office for granted – comfortable desks and chairs, good air quality, suitable temperature, noise-free levels and sufficient amount of natural light capable of contributing to a conducive working environment. According to the research, it is proven that most employees agree that a conducive workspace contributes to the productivity of the works. There are plenty of concepts of office interior available in the market. Therefore, to avoid getting overwhelmed in deciding the best image for your office, read through this article to find more ideas. 

1. Modern

modern office design

A modern office interior concept showcases the furniture's futuristic, elegance, and functionality – desks, tables, and shelves. The combination of monochromatic colour pallets like black, white, and grey enhances the exclusivity of the overall interior. Apart from that, this particular concept is timeless and requires low maintenance with minimal decorations. Essential characteristics to create modern style office interior: 

  • Create an open space: discarding the partition is proven to create bonds between the employees, increase communication, and make discussion easier to talk through about the work issues.
  • Invest in high-quality furniture: most office workers are prone to have lower back problems ranging from 23% to 38% in Malaysia. Hence, it is crucial to invest in ergonomic chairs and desks for the employees' comfortability. 
  • Monochrome colours: monochrome colours like black, white, and grey emphasize modernity and are capable of giving an exclusive look to the interior and preventing the room from looking too heavy. 

2. Minimalist

minimalist office design

The minimalist concept of interior highlights the clean lines, simplistic design, and high functionality of the furniture. The combination of natural and bold colours like white, black, and grey create a simple yet high functions room. Among the essential characteristics of a minimalist office interior: 

  • Natural walls colour: typically, the minimalist concept of interior emphasizes the natural colour of the room – white, cream, taupes or soft grey. It gives the interior's spacious look and prevents the room from looking too heavy.
  • Simple decorations: minimal and high function decorations like ceiling lamps, wall clocks, blinds, and picture frames-capable to enhance the overall look of the interior and avoid the room from looking too boring and bland. 

3. Clean & Simple

clean and simple office design

Compared to minimalist, a neat and straightforward interior concept emphasizes the simplistic yet high function of furniture – office tables, ergonomic chairs, and built-in shelves. This kind of style is suitable for any room, be it small or large. The minimal decoration helps declutter and create a spacious look to the room. The benefits of clean and simple office design:

  • Save costs: for any small startup, this particular concept is suitable for reducing the expenses for interior decorations and keeping the space neat and simple. 
  • Reduce distractions: with minimal decorations, capable of reducing distractions and increasing the workers' productivity. 
  • Spacious workspace: it helps create the workspace look spacious, prevent the room from looking too cluttered and maximize the comfort of the employees to sit from 9-5. 

4. Pops of Colour

bright colour office interior design

Adding bright and bold colours to your interior can attract the attention of anyone who sees it. A combination of bright yellow and geometric flooring lightens up the overall interior. Suitable for creative industries to increase the creativity and productivity of the employees. 

5. Classic Contemporary

classic contemporary office interior design

The classic contemporary style emphasizes the minimal, clean lines and uncluttered while maximizing the elegance of the interior. Below are the guides in making the traditional contemporary office design: 

  • Natural colour palette: combining natural colours like brown, white, and taupes as the main colour palette of the room.
  • Architectural features walls: architectural features wall help enhance the room's ambience. 
  • Classic furniture: classic contemporary and high function of furniture like office desks, ergonomic chairs. 

6. Classy Glass 

glass door office interior design

Instead of creating a traditional partition, try implementing glass style to your office interior, highlighting the exclusivity and maximizing the privacy between the employees and the employer. This particular concept requires minimal wall decorations and a colour palette of the overall interior. Benefits of implementing glass walls to the office interior: 

  • Increase creativity: aside from giving a classy and modern look, glass partition can increase the creativity, productivity, and imagination of the employees.
  • Create bond: discard the segregation and improve the social bond between employer and employees. 

7. Casual 

casual style office interior design

Many big companies like Google and Shopee implemented casual style to their office interior. It is believed that having a relaxed and cosy working environment increases the employees' productivity and creativity. It imitates the atmosphere of working from home and the vibe of the famous coffee shop; hence it lessens the stress of the employees to do work.  

Hopefully, this article gives some ideas in deciding the best concept and design for your office interior. If you are looking for the best place to consult regarding home furniture and office furniture, feel free to contact us or visit our physical store located in Kota Damansara upon appointment. 

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