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Top 10 Creative Living Room Storage Organization 2021

Top 10 Creative Living Room Storage Organization 2021

Some of us do face the trouble into getting organize. Have to admit we can get messy and lost track in the way. Without realizing it, the damage has been done and it is just a matter of time to get that "clean mode" button to come by and finally doing some chores.

But do you know that they are some amazing storage ideas that you can implement into your home? Not only you can keep things in place you will also be able to blend and mix around with the furniture designs, functions and texture into your home interior. 

Take advantage of the multi function furniture features and use it to keep clutter in minimal by concealing and get organize with style.

1. Multi-level Coffee Table 

Coffee table is very multi-function. By adding various  levels, it will create a modern table that really serves a purpose for storage. Items such as magazines, books can be place at the bottom. Flowers and decoration at the top creates a personal touch to the space.

Tekkashop MFCT2348BR Modern Wood Non Detachable 3 in 1 Round Coffee Table With Metal Leg Tekkashop GDCT1350B Modern Wooden Small Coffee Table with Drawer (Beige)

2. Console Table

With a slim profile and and sleek design is a great way to add some stylish touch into the living room. Provided with sliding compartments perfect to keep some small items inside. Plus console tables comes in many designs and size to fill any space.

Tekkashop FDTSV2265BR Industrial Style Solid Acacia Wood Console Table With Two Drawes / Meja Konsol Tekkashop FDTVC1664BR Substantial Console Table

3. Glass Cabinet

Upgrade your interior with a touch of elegant and class by using glass base cabinet or shelves. Suitable to display any valuable photos, awards, books or presents and create a small gallery. Something to talk about with your guests when they come over for any gatherings.

Tekkashop MXDC6306 Modern Style Glass Display Cabinet with Lighting Tekkashop MXDC1865BR Home/ Office / Kitchen Clear Glass Shelving Display Cabinet

4. Storage Bench

Combination of a seat and storage compartment  is simply brilliant. Suitable to be place in any living spaces, especially for studio home which do not need too much furniture. But it all comes to your taste for designs, these models is perfect to keep your items in disguise plus clutter free!

SFBD0305-DGY Home Living Room Rectangle Fabric Upholstery Arm Rest Storage Ottoman/Bench Chair-Dark Grey SFBD0305-DGY Home Living Room Rectangle Fabric Upholstery Arm Rest Storage Ottoman/Bench Chair

5. Multi-layer Industrial Display Cabinet

Modern touch of simplicity shelve design which can fill up an empty space. It comes with multiple shelve dividers that could keep different items in it while the rest of the shelve can be use to put awards, family photos or books perhaps in between. It saves space storage and keeps the room organize with some unique industrial design.

Tekkashop MXDC0715 Natural Wood Book Case or Display Cabinet with Metal Frames Tekkashop MXDC0531 Natural Wood Book Case or Display Cabinet with Metal Frames

6. Dresser

When you look at a dresser it usually place in bedrooms. But why not using it for your living room? It is a great way to recycle dresser to keep all of the books, movies, kids toys, wires, CDs, or games. If the space is a little too small you can use it as a TV stand.

Tekkashop FDWC2997W Retro Style Wooden Dresser Tekkashop MXDC9887 Antique Style

7. Desk

Since working from home is the new norm, you can try to bring out your study desk to your living area which allows you to experience of scenery while working. It also comes with different shapes and sizes, choose a unit with drawers so you can easily keep items like pens or notepad. 

Tekkashop SXOT0320W Modern Home Office Desk FDOT2320 Scandinavian Style Particle Board Study Desk / Home Office Desk

8. Shelving Unit

Owning one type of shelve will add a character and aesthetic appeal to your living space. Great way to bring up eye-catching attention and keep your items beautifully display while storing your wares.

Tekkashop FDAC3516BL Open Shelf Display Cabinet Tekkashop FDAC3520GY Industrial Style Low Display Cabinet


9. Built-in Display Cabinet

If you are the type who loves books, try to Invest in built-ins to give your living room architectural presence and a more organized appearance. An extensive library of books or a large collection of decorative items to display. Perfect way to use up the space on those empty walls.

Tekkashop FDTV0365BR Home Rustic Style Particle Board TV Wall Display Cabinet Tekkashop FDWS1083W Against Wall Open Style 5 Tier Modern Wall Display Cabinet

10. Tv Cabinet

Tv cabinet not just work as a place to keep your television on display. It acts as a entertainment canter to keep all of your favorite albums, games, home entertainment speakers and many more in place and helps you to not lose any device.

Tekkashop FDTVC0960 Cute Minimalist Contemporary Style Solid Acacia Wood 1.2m TV Cabinet Tekkashop AMTV1582BR Scandinavian Style Wooden (1.1m) TV Cabinet


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