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Top 5 Tips Before Buying a Chesterfield Sofa in Malaysia

Top 5 Tips Before Buying a Chesterfield Sofa in Malaysia

Sofa is a must-have furniture piece in every house. Usually, we will put sofa in our living room for family gatherings and also for our guests. Choosing the right chesterfield sofa may not be that simple. A good quality chesterfield sofa is usually made and crafted using the premium materials such as wood, leather and fabric. Chesterfield is not like other sofas, it is indeed an elegant piece of furniture that make your living room area looks expensive and exclusive. This article will give you further information about the Top 5 Tips Before Buying a Chesterfield Sofa in Malaysia. 

1. Do not be fooled by fake chesterfield sofa

Before buying a chesterfield sofa, you need to know the difference between the genuine and fake one. Fake chesterfield sofa usually uses cheaper materials such as fabric and leather, but it will give a discomfort feeling as you sit on it. You also need to look at the detailing works on the chesterfield sofa for instance the buttons, studs, cushions and other related aspects. Mostly, the fake or cheap chesterfield sofa would not put so much effort when it comes to product details. 


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2. Choose the best frame

Frame is the most important element for a chesterfield sofa. You need to make sure that the frame is durable and strong enough. It is important to maintain the shape and integrity of the sofa. A good frame will give more support to the chesterfield sofa. If possible, try to find a chesterfield sofa that the frames are made from hardwood as it is more durable to use for a longer time.


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3. Sofa Cushioning

Comfort is the main key to the best sofa. A good cushioning of the sofa definitely offers you the best comfort and support when you sit on it. Try to find a chesterfield that is made from a high-quality foam material. Generally, a good chesterfield sofa should be firm rather than soft. 


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4. Suspension

The coils and springs are two main elements when it comes to suspension. The suspension helps to determine how comfortable and durable the sofa is. Before buying one, you need to make sure that you ask the salesperson regarding the suspension system and the materials used. However, different materials used also influence the suspension levels of a chesterfield sofa. 


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5. Upholstery

When buying a new sofa, of course, we will find or search for a sofa that can provide us comfort and good style. Same goes for the chesterfield sofa, good material will definitely bring the best quality comfort to the user. The exterior of a chesterfield sofa gives the classic looks. Choosing the best colour for your chesterfield sofa is also important so that it can match well with your living room or house theme or interior style. 


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We hope the tips can help you to choose and buy the perfect chesterfield sofa for your home. Having a chesterfield sofa in your house will definitely give an exclusive, expensive, classic look, ambience and timeless feel.  

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